Fresco Piada. State-of-the-art Craftmanship

Fresco Piada means well-advanced craftmanship. The making of the most ancient bread from Romagna with the utmost respect of tradition and the efficiency of a modern firm.

Selection of high-quality ingredients: only first-rate products. 95% of them are grown within the Romagna’s territory.

Every single piada is manually pre-cooked, one by one. The cooking method by the kiosk employed in Fresco Piada’s processes.

Piadas are cooled at ambient temperature: products do not suffer any thermal stress and keeps their fragrance wrapped.

No preservatives are used

Mother yeast: an ancient processing technique used for bread products and applied to piadinas. Result: lightness, digestibility and uncommon softness.

Value of people. Women and men committed to keep Fresco Piada’s value to its top quality standards.

Research and development: strict co-operation relationships with Università degli Studi di Bologna to enhance and further products thanks to the scientific support going hand in hand with tradition.

Closeness to customers. Direct relationships through the organization of events and business initiatives where the company interacts with its end users.

Sharing of projects and socialization: all Fresco Piada’s collaborators are engaged in the definition of managerial projects based on their skills and competencies.